Look Around

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Love's The Key

Love brings you happiness,
Love lets you fly,
High up above,
The open blue sky.

It opens your eyes,
And let's you see,
The love surrounding you,
Let's take a peek.

The elderly woman,
Living across the street,
She has two grandchildren,
And loves them dearly.

Your colleague at work,
Who cannot see,
Has a loving family,
And a wife who makes it complete.

You on the other hand,
Is also blessed with love,
Your parents care for you,
And give you a safe home.

Your friends all like you so,
And your teachers too,
Even your dog loves you,
And licks you when you come home.

Love is the key to everything good,
Happiness, kindness and joy,
So when you wake up in the morning,
Remember the love in their eyes.

Hi again! A poem dedicated to the one and only Aphrodite, the goddess of love! For everybody, love has been and will always be a key that unlocks life's wonders. To wake up and see the sun shining, to be greeted by a beloved pet, love, love & love! Love for nature, love for a pet, these are all love, albeit the kind. So love is the key to letting you and your surroundings shine, if you will. Everyone is blessed with love, even the old man sitting alone in the park. He might have a wife cooking at home, or even a pet bird who sings for him everyday. So look around you! Love is everywhere, just look for it and you will see. 😀😀

Monday, 1 August 2016

A Mother's Wish

Never fear,
The midnight howl,
Of a ravaged wolf,

Nor the monsters,
In your dark closet,
They disturb you not,
And never will.

Mama's hand,
Will keep you safe,
From all harm,
And dangerous ways.

Her wish is to be heard,
Everyday in her heart,
Listen well,
And may they do her bidding.

May the wind caress her,
And the tiger bow to him,
May the savage humans of this earth,
Crush not my children's dreams.

May the trees shield them,
When rain and sunshine arrive,
And my blessing,

Protect them in years to come.

Hi readers! Today is my mother, Irene's birthday. To thank her for everything she ever did for me, I posted this poem I composed here. Happy birthday Mom! This poem is about a mother's wishes for her children. She hopes that nothing will harm them and that there will always be someone to guide them when she cannot. A shoutout to all moms: Thank you mummy! You will always be in our hearts! And another happy birthday to my mom! ;)

Friday, 22 July 2016

The Girl Next Door

The girl next door,
Whom you like so much,
Let me tell you her story.

She loved a man, 
With all her heart,
And in return got nothing.

With shame and pain,
She watched him leave,
Never looking back at that time.

She vowed to never,
Succumb to love
For fear of the scars it leaves.

But still she looks at you,
From her window seat,
Hurrying away when you come.

She knows it's dangerous,
A broken heart it might leave.
But one cannot live without love.

So knock on her door,
And voice your desire,
She'll say yes, I'm sure.

Dear readers, hi again! Have you ever wondered about the girl next door? Her likes and dislikes, her emotions and thoughts? Well, this poem depicts a boy who likes the girl who lives next door. Someone told him about the girl, and urged him to voice his love. Her lover once hurt her badly, and she drew into herself, swearing to never love again. But loving helps us heal, and gives us strength. She could not stop herself from loving, and chances are that she is in love with the boy! A romantic love story that gives us the message: Loving leaves scars, but heals them too. Never give up on love, lest they never heal.
That's all for today! Bye!!

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Devil And The Girl

The Devil and The Girl

In a sea of gold,
Far off that may be, 
A girl stood in the middle,
With tears in her eyes.

The devil creeped upon her,

And said in such a voice,
So sweet, so tempting,
That the girl could not help but listen.

"Oh pretty lass, why thou so sad?

Come with me to wonderland,"

He proceeded with vigour,

To tell her all and described,
With extravagance and excitement,
The fun to be had.

In her blindness to all,

She nodded and let,
The devil hold her hand,
And lead her to "wonderland".

As willing as a bird,

To fly far away,
Never to know,
That she was on her way.

By Nat Sparkle

Hello readers! How are you? I hope you are all well, and are happily reading away. Do you like my latest poem? Did you get the story? No? Well then, let me tell you. This poem was written to bring you the message of how people are influenced to do bad things or take drugs. The devil could be a friend or somebody you met. It could even be a small voice in your head. The girl has just had a traumatic and saddening experience, and is so frail that she cannot think clearly. She is influenced by the "devil" and willingly goes with him to "wonderland", which refers to drugs or bad things. Her life ended soon after. Now, do you remember the first stanza that refers to the girl in the sea of gold? She is alone, with nobody to comfort her. That is one of the reasons why she did what she did. And so, I hope that you all will try to pay attention to your friends and loved ones more. Comfort them when they need it. A little act of kindness goes a long way! Maybe if a friend was there at the girl's side she wouldn't have been influenced. Thanks for reading! If you have any comments, please write them below. Thank you!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Blessings Of Heaven

Blessings of Heaven

The heavens have opened,
And rain comes hither,
To nourish the young,
And also the old.                                  
Plants that have dried,
Come green and alive,
Flowers that have withered,
Bloom and dance.
Amongst the raindrops,
That are blessing itself,
Angels from heaven,
Gaze down with love.
As the blessings give,
Nothing but joy to the world,
Ah what a wondrous moment,
And they close the gates once more.
Only to open them again,
Tomorrow, today, forevermore.

Hi guys! I'm Nat, and I want to say thank you to you, dear reader for reading my blog! I hope you like the poem! As you know, I write poems. I came up with this one during a rainstorm. I was in the car and this idea popped into my head! I immediately started writing and the result- Blessings of Heaven! Thank you again for reading until here and have a good day! If you have any comments, please state them in the comment box below! Thanks!😊😊